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Our Mission

"To provide a solution that stimulates Change and Growth for our customers with a whole new experience"


(Admission flow process & AEPManagement)

Out with the old:


NGA-SCE’s operations were largely manual and fragmented. Student data was scattered across spreadsheets, leading to discrepancies and traceability issues. At one point, over 700 cases related to student issues like examination marks and progress reports went unresolved for months because the data couldn’t be consolidated from across numerous spreadsheets.


Senior management didn’t have enough visibility into sales metrics. The lack of data transparency also hindered the sales team’s ability to track channel partners’ performance.

Meanwhile, the customer experience was hampered by manual admission processes. Students had to physically visit the university to pay fees and submit documents, despite opting for distance learning.


What we built: 


Salesforce has digitised and unified the different parts of NGA-SCE’s operations on a single platform, enabling the university to deliver seamless customer experiences.

All marketing campaigns—about 1,000 at a time—are managed through Salesforce Pardot, helping to engage prospects with the right message at the right time, while providing useful metrics on email performance. It also fills the sales funnel with high-quality leads from social media, web-to-lead forms, and affiliate programs. 


These leads are automatically routed to 120 sales channel partners and their 900 employees across 30+ cities for nurturing and conversion. Data from their calls and text messages with prospects is captured on Salesforce for easy tracking. Since all partners are now on one platform, it’s much simpler for internal sales teams to follow up with them, and review their performance.

Student onboarding has also been streamlined on Salesforce.

Business benefits: 


  • Every day, NGA-SCE accepts around 300 admission forms, which are reviewed and turned around by the team in less than 48 hours. The platform also integrates with FedEx systems to track the delivery of physical learning kits to students across 6,000+ pin codes.


  • Salesforce also consolidates case-related data from chats, emails, and other sources on one platform, helping customer support teams across nine cities swiftly to resolve over 12,000 cases a month. Integration with Avaya and Knowlarity telephony solutions gives agents the data they need to reduce call handle times and improve customer satisfaction. Most cases are now resolved within 36 hours, with a net promoter score (NPS) of over 93%. 



Previous Setup Stories: 


NMIMS provides different courses/programs to students and those programs are handled by various schools. Before admission they conduct personal interviews, some online tests, take registration payments and verify the different marks for the admission process.


And handling all these processes in an offline way is surely a strenuous job for anyone.


The solution we provided:


We have given Salesforce Sales Cloud for them by customizing it in such a way that all the processes like conducting personal interviews, verifying the results, selection process and taking the payments, etc.. everything can be done on the Salesforce platform. They can also view the reports and analyze the registration and admission counts of students for particular courses/programs.


We have made it possible using below steps:

  • Created a dynamic form-generated record for each course/program with respect to its schools, so that they can add different logos, different instructions for courses, etc.

  • Added payment gateway integration (BillDesk and HDFC) for taking online payments against any programs.

  • Custom Email templates and Email Flow for students.

Business Profits:


  • Now the NMIMS Admission Team easily analyzes the admitted students against the applied student which is not easy priorly. Student 360 data on one platform

  • Approve the payments and verify the students once got the registration payments against the student.

  • Automated Emails to students once admission/registration is done.

S P Jain School of Global Management 

(Lead Management)

Created it for lead flow process and lead generation from PeopleSoft:


  • Create a different way to generate the lead in a system such as web-to-lead, Integrate Salesforce with PeopleSoft so that they can push the leads into the system and use Visualforce pages and host into site so students can fill the form and generate the lead directly from the web.

  • Assign the leads to the counselor using complex lead assignment rules and apex triggers.

  • Customize dynamic reports to analyze the intake of students per cycle.

Business Profits: 


  • Automated Lead Generation process from various sources and handled on a single platform.

  • Automated the lead assignment and followed up with leads.


(Lead Management and Conversion Process)

Build it for lead management and conversion flow:


Signifier provides various health products worldwide hence they require doctors/physicians and patient data from various sources.


Once the data is loaded into the system it should be assigned to the team with respect to its territory

They should be able to convert the leads into accounts, contacts, and opportunities for future deals.


Workaround/Solution provided:


  • Upload the data into the system using the data loader.

  • Manage and validate the leads with a unique identifier using salesforce in box tools and mechanism.

  • Assign the leads to different territories group/queues using the lead assignment rule.

  • Enable the Territory Management and Build a custom logic for different territories to assign the account and opportunities once converted from leads.

  • Validate the lead before conversion and run the territories rules once converted using apex trigger.

Business benefits:


  • Track any leads from the insertion process till the conversion of the leads.

  • With the unique identifier on leads avoid the deduplication for leads.

  • Handle the Physicians/Doctors and Patient territory-wise using a territory management system.


   (Commercial Real Estate Optimization System)

Previous Basic Flow 


Previously the system was not in one flow and had missing connections between prospects & actual deals. Also, the product was not user-friendly.


Enhancements in the previous system? 


Loading and processing the proprietary, licensed, public, and CREOS community data. And presenting the data in such a form that makes CRE research and investment decisions faster, draws meaningful insights, and is cost-efficient.

We’ve made the whole real estate process convenient for occupiers, brokers, and owners - Handling the business plans, projects, prospects, valuations, agreements, and deals through various stages. There are scoring tools based on various factors like distance, POIs (Points of Interest), etc to score the assets. Using Maps for proximity analysis.

We have changed and redesigned the whole User Interface from the home page to navigation using the salesforce community cloud to bring all things in one place, easy to access and manage the flow.

Business Profits: 


  • Use the system to focus on the best deals, take evidence-based decisions, reduce costing errors, and improve the ROI (Return on investment) in the Real Estate Market.

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